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MC students testimonials

The Amanda Fok MC Training Classes have been a huge success! We've graduated over 72 students and taught them to be successful MCs. Let's take a look at their testimonials. 



"Many MC students have become more extroverted and appreciative of new experiences during the teaching process.

Their personalities are much different from before; some even say that these activities changed who they are as people forever!


Former president of JCI Peninsula 

When I meet with sponsors and support organizations from different backgrounds, the work of JCI often requires me to speak engagingly. To improve my expression by learning how to MC well also helps make me more comfortable when expressing myself during uncomfortable situations like pronunciation or body language while standing up straight. It is important for success in learning how my performance should review before seeking continuous improvement.


Former news anchor 

Before becoming a news anchor, Amanda taught me how to be an MC. The skills that she taught were practical on stage and in everyday life. Such as expression of voice or body language, dealing with unexpected incidents while being prepared beforehand through practice makes it easier when something happens during your performance time at work (or elsewhere). Meeting this great teacher during my high school period ensured we had built up good foundations to join the workforce later.

Felix Ferreira

Celebrity makeup artist, chef, host and artist 

Being myself as a entertainer in profession as a Celebrity chef or a Makeup artist in a live show or TV performance ,you might not awake how you deliver your speech or posture ,I was not sure on myself as I was already doing performance at that time ,I was thinking nobody is perfect ,everyone in the entertainment industry has a mentor so I immediately called Amanda for the rescue to see on my problems and now I am better as ever !.



The MC class was great! It taught me some new skills that will help with my performance. Amanda's class is a good balance of fun and professionalism. I had the opportunity to refresh my knowledge and enrich stage skills in addition to MCing. As a result, I am more comfortable when performing!
I'm delighted that Amanda's MC class allowed me to learn about different aspects of performance and gave me practical experience with both theory-based learning and hands-on tasks. 
Again, Thanks Amanda


PR company business manager

Amanda is an MC and spiritual mentor.

Students share how MC skills help their personal growth and work

MC student testimonials (Article)

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