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The Top Ten list from UNESCO says that Chinese is ranked first for having 10 different languages, compared to four tones in Mandarin, and nine tones Cantonese can be considered most difficult. Even many Hong Kong people are Cantonese native speakers. However, ​some of them cannot pronoun proper Cantonese pronunciation. 

Suitable for students

There are many mistakes in Cantonese pronunciation that can be overlooked. The errors will cause communication problems and seriously undermine your professional image!

This course is perfect for anyone who has ever had a voice-related profession or endeavours such as MCs, salespeople, teachers or even KOLs. They need to communicate effectively with others while maintaining good speech habits so their clients or audiences don't get frustrated. 

Course Features

  • The course focuses on practice and theory so that students can master the correct Cantonese pronunciation quickly.

  • Course materials focus on daily common Cantonese pronunciation problems.

  • Provide individual assessments to discover the causes of pronunciation problem

  • Audio and video-assisted teaching in class

Course Content

  • Understand Cantonese Pronunciation

  • Cause of pronunciation problem

  • The correct way to pronoun Cantonese

  • How to speak Cantonese clearly

  • Common Cantonese Pronunciation mistake

  • Oral muscle articulation coordination and use

  • Personal Cantonese Pronunciation Assessment

Proper Cantonese pronunciation course

Date: October 6, 13, 20, 27, 2018 (every Saturday evening)

Time: 3:00pm ~5:00pm

Venue: Kowloon Bay Enterprise Plaza Phase 3

Deadline for registration: first come first served


Tuition fee:

Original price: HK1,080 per person

Discount for students who have completed the "AMANDA FOK Practical MC Course": HK$800 per person

Early Bird Discount - Discounts available for all registrations before September 22, 2018:

The tuition fee for 1 person is HK$980

2 people travelling together: tuition fee is HK$900 per person


Enquiry number 3423 4601

Mr Yiu/

Registration form:

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