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The decent students have the potential and outstanding performance to enter professional markets after MC training. They will provide MC service for many events with their MC skills in various industries. Including the entertainment industry is one area where they can prosper greatly due to doing good work and because it's always important that people know what they're capable of; before hiring them!

Event MC
Car event MC
event MC
Wedding MC
Film event MC show
Artist MC interview
Brand event MC
Event MC with guest
Event MC with artist
Brand event mc
Brand event mc
Government event MC
wedding MC
Wedding MC
Film event MC
Brand event MC
Brand event MC
Shopping mall event MC
Event MC
shopping mall event mc
shopping mall event mc
Event mc
Event MC
Annual Dinner Event mc
MC students MC job

Artists and celebrities cooperation list


  • Jung Woo-sung

  • Chang Chen

  • Fanny Shu Qi

  • Show Lo

  • Taishen Cheng

  • Xinyuan Zhang

  • Melinda Sullivan

  • AKB48


  • Director Wong Kar Wai

  • ​​Director Patrick Kong

  • Director Clifton Ko Chi-sum

  • Ricky Wong Wai-kay

  • Andy Lau Tak-wah

  • Wong Cho Lam

  • Aaron Kwok

  • Miriam Yeung

  • Leo Ku

  • Anthony William Perry

  • William Chan

  • Raymond Lam

  • Moses Chan Ho

  • Paul Wong

  • Bosco Wong

  • Louis Cheung Kai Chung

  • Derek Li Ho Lam

  • Luk Ho Ming

  • Tavia Yeung

  • Cecilia Yip Tung

  • Natalie Tong

  • Jacquelin Chong Si Man

  • Teddy Robin

  • Nick Cheung Ka Fai

  • Daniel Wu

  • Chapman To

  • Eric Tsang Chi-wai

  • Cally Kwong

  • Gigi Chao 

  • Kay Tse On Kay

  • Eliza Sam Lai Heung

  • Zac Kao

  • Him Law

  • Susan Shaw Yam-Yam

  • Sandra Ng Kwan Yue 

  • Heidi Chu Hoi Ting

  • Eugina Lau

  • Maria Chen Chai Ping

  • Kenix Kwok Ho Ying

  • Alex Fong

  • Sugar Club

  • MC Jin

  • Gloria Tang Tsz Kei (G.E.M.) 

  • BOB Lam Shing Bun


  • Maria Cordero

MC students MC job

​Some MC students clients list

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