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MC Script Writing

A good MC script ensures a smooth flow and adds colour and style to an event. With years in the MC industry under her belt as an experienced MC specialist, Amanda can custom tailor-make each MC script for any type or size clientele!

Dubbing job references

  • Hong Kong Space Museum OMNIMAX Show (The Mummy)  

  • Hong Kong Space Museum OMNIMAX Show (Dinosaur Rebirth)  

  • Hong Kong Space Museum OMNIMAX Show (Nile Journey)  

  • Introduction video of China Star Light Charity Association

  • (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Course Introduction VCD

  • Hong Kong-Shenzhen Cross-Border Bus My Channel Program (Olympic Encyclopedia)

  • "Children's Growth Education Expo 2008" Infant Growth Pavilion

  • "Cross-Century Robot Expo" Simulation Beauty Robot "Miss Kido" and Japan's Awakening Lion Robot

  • "Cross-Century Robot Expo" TV commercial

  • "Understanding Bio-Young Comprehensive Amino Acids" product introduction CD

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