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"How To Become a successful MC"

Mr Bob Lam Shing Bun, Dr. Ko Wing-man GBS, JP, Mr Robert Chua Wah Peng and Dr. Chung King-Fai SBS sincerely recommend!

(in Chinese alphabetical order by name)

Guest recommendation

"The readers interested in MC's profession should read this book. It will give them MC knowledge and skills they need to play their role well, so that's why I recommend it!"

- Dr. Chung King-fai SBS, Founding Dean, School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

"I support this book "How To Become a successful MC."

- Celebrity MC, DJ, Host and Actor Bob Lam Shing Bun

"The book will give you a deeper understanding of the MC industry and the skills to practice it. We hope that this project can help more children in mainland china's poor areas with Amanda's love!"

- Celebrity multilingual MC and host Derek Li Ho Lam

"We are all eager to do good deeds in many ways through MC. Don't be envious, if you have read the book "How to become a successful MC", you can do it too and become a member of the caring master of ceremonies team; we welcome you to join, are you ready? "

 - Senior media practitioner, Candy Chea Shuk Mui, anchor of "Footprints of the Old Days " on RTHK Radio 1 

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About "How to become a successful MC"

There is a position known as an MC. An often overlooked yet vital part of any event or performance, they provide energy and enthusiasm that cannot be matched by anyone else - even other performers! The Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony MC mistake let many people raise concerns about an MC's professionalism in the past. More individuals have become interested in doing MC; some participate via MC courses, MC competition, or part-time or full-time MC! Ordinary people can now make a living by being an MC on stage, and these days it doesn't matter because everyone can be part of the MC industry!


This book provides an in-depth look into the world of professional MC. It's perfect for anyone who wants to know more about this profession or be a part of it! The first MC book offers a comprehensive insight into the real side of professional MC and is an essential read for anyone who wants or plans on entering this field. With helpful MC advice that will enhance your MC ability in all aspects--from schoolwork and business prospects; to volunteer work potential. And, maybe even include personal growth opportunities and expand the social network.


Amanda was the Hong Kong Master of Ceremonies Competition championship in 2005. She established a Certified B Corp MC agency and quality ISO 9001:2008 in the past. Meanwhile, the company also awarded Final 5 of the 2015 HSBC Youth Entrepreneurship Awards and 2015 SME Youth Entrepreneurship. 

With her 20 years as a professional MC, she'll show you the ropes and enable you to master these MC skills in no time!


Content features:

- A comprehensive introduction to the work of the MC, including history, job positions, and how to           

  promote professionalism 

- Provide 10 practical MC skills, with exercises to help readers master in a short time 

- Design the MCs ability assessment test and worklist to help anyone easily take up the job of MC 

- Sharing by outstanding MC students - including full-time MC and news anchor sharing stories 

- Multi-angle analysis of the work of the MC - sharing by different celebrities

  (including Dr Chung King-fai SBS from the entertainment industry, Mr Robert Chua Wah Peng from the

   TV industry, the member of the National People's Congress Mr Lo Suk-ching from political circles, On

   Stage Mr Billy Chu from production industry and representatives from the PR industry and Wedding

   Planner, etc.)


Amanda said: "The power to inspire others is a precious and rare gift. I want my legacy as a professional MC to inspire the next generation of people around me--to contribute what they can so that society moves forward together!" She has supported the "China star light charity association" to visit children with congenital heart disease in the poor area of China for the past six consecutive years. The profit of "How To Become a successful MC" will donate to these children's surgery costs after deducting the book's production cost. 


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Preamble by 5 heavyweight guests

Author’s preface

Editor's Note: Why did Amanda write the book

Part of the book

Preview the book 

"In the eyes of others, I am just a few words.
But in reality, it's more than that."

The green leaf position on stage seems dispensable as long as one can be organized and validated like other disciplines,
making MC suitable for application with this type of job description! 
As long we're able to systematize our MC work process using academics from academia,
an MC becomes professional even if they only say a few words at a time.

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