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"How To Become a successful MC" 

"I want to be an MC" I

"I want to be an MC" II

"My Perfect Wedding"

Charity Fundraising and Interviews

The publishing "How To Become a successful MC"   & "I want to be an MC" series donated all the profit to the project "Starfire Heart Care" of the China Star Light Charity Fund Association (Registration number: 702587)

The "Starfire Heart Care" project provides surgical expenses and support for children with congenital heart disease in poor mountainous areas of China so that they can get out of the darkness. 

The MC student will have the opportunity to adventure through some beautiful mountains. They'll also get interview practice, which should help them with their MC and interviewing skills!

"Through my personal experience and the book's content, I hope to encourage more people interested in emcee work to give it a try.
People change themselves by tweaking their interests or pursuing something new with self-confidence, broadening horizons while building on MC skills."

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