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Some MC graduate's testimonial

(Outstanding student of the MC Basic Training course in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University EXCELL Programme)

Gabriel Hui

The feeling of participating in Amanda's emcee class may be a little different for all of us, but the same thing is the professionalism and passion that she has. After attending this MC course, I would like to stand on stage and feel like becoming an actual professional MC!

I originally joined the MC course for no reason, but after joining and meeting Amanda in person, all of my feelings and expectations have shifted.

At the beginning of the semester, I was looking through the introduction to this course and found an MC introductory training course, so I enrolled in it intending to kill time. On the first day of class, I was more than 10 minutes early and thought the instructor hadn't arrived. However, I am wrong. She is preparing the lesson. I was chatting with Amanda, and her air of confidence made me think that it was finally time for me to take the right courses.

It is not true that I enrol an MC introductory training course intending to kill time. When I was in high school, I organised a student union and held many youth events. Also, I had to be an MC on short notice. I tell you the truth, and it is not a good experience. I can't lead a good atmosphere of the event. The most worse thing is I have a bad foundation to deal with the event's crisis. 

It is different from other courses, Amanda did seem to understand what each of us needed, and she gave great advice on improving our performances. She brought in outside professionals from different fields who had direct work with MC to explain their thoughts about being a great MC- which was very helpful!

Amanda prepared many actual MC scripts for each class to ensure we understood the real situation as an MC.

We appreciate Amanda's efforts, and she overperforms her duties.

Amanda's enthusiasm for the art of MC is contagious. All MC course classmates would like to try and explore the MC industry. I am one of them. 

The most profound feeling of the MC class must be the final exam.

Every one of our MC classmates is very serious prepared to look for relevant information early, wrote the MC script, and dressed up the most stylish and beautiful in our entire life. 

But, no matter how well-prepared, stepping on stage is another matter. (I think it may relate to the venue issue, the pressure is different in the classroom and the exam venue.)

No matter how many times I read my MC script the night before, I still stare at my script while standing on the stage. I believe I am familiar with the script, but I am still blank in my mind based on my nervousness. 

And what's even more damning is that when I stood on the stage for a while, my hands trembled slightly!

At that moment, I reviewed all the techniques I had learned in class to deal with nervousness. I kept breathing in, relaxing my body, and kept thinking of positive words in my mind.

Fortunately, my body started to calm down. (I think you have to watch the video to ensure.)

Then, I began to feel the sense of success and pressure on the stage that Amanda said about standing on the stage and focusing everyone's attention.

Luckily, I completed the exam, and that's a weight off my mind. 

I hope to step on the actual steps and genuinely feel like a professional MC after I graduate MC course. Relive the extraordinary feeling of success. 

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