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 (Outstanding trainee of the 2nd MC Training Class) 

Allen Lee

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The mountains are different from one another in height and distance. I do not know the true face of Mount Lu, but I am here on this mountain." The West Woods Wall by Su Shi captures my feelings about Amanda Fok's MC class taught me so much over these four weeks- she has opened up new pathways for MC that will transform it into something more than what we've seen before!


I am a trainer, and I can say that there is no better way to learn how to deliver an engaging speech than in person. The only problem? You don't get this kind of experience every day! That's why when Amanda told me about her MC training course, it sounded too good to take advantage of such an opportunity. I am glad that she convinced me because, without these new MC skills, we would never fully grasp what makes MC so unique or know-how make our performances live up to all expectations.


Throughout the MC course, Amanda used an experiential approach to teaching. She gave all MC students a chance to be MC and experience every step of planning events or creating a good event atmosphere when necessary! The value lies in learning how each person can contribute meaningfully during group activities. We're not just talking but giving back, too-which goes along nicely with Chinese wisdom, which says, "When three people walk together, there must always somebody teach".


    Creative exercises designed by the MC classmates keep us focused after a busy day. If you've never exercised much, this is an opportunity for relaxation that will leave your body and mind feeling invigorated! In addition to these creative activities in our MC lesson, we practised dancing or singing songs together as one group in the MC class. Amanda also gives MC plenty of opportunities outside class: practising their MC skills on stage during NGOs' events. To become a successful MC requires constant practice, which can only happen through practising outside of class with Amanda as well - she'll give you all chances for success that need taking.


    Last year I was the MC for my friend's wedding reception and received very encouraging feedback from them about how it went. It felt so great to take on such an important role at such a significant time in their lives! Since then, I have realized that MC plays an essential function in events and makes everything come together better. So, I hope to learn more and make myself better and become a professional MC.


    With Amanda's careful guidance, I learned to appreciate the importance of research and analysis in events or organizations. In this process, MC must keep calm. Otherwise, he cannot do an excellent job with his comprehensive mastering, the core idea of  'Titled Xilinbi'.


    It is my honour to be Amanda's outstanding MC student. I am so grateful to have had Amanda's guidance and hope to continue learning from her. Thank you, Amanda!                                                    

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