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(Outstanding student of the 2nd Amateur Performing Arts Association MC Training Class)

Yoee Leung

The reason I chose this MC course is because of my love for performance. In high school and college, I performed on stage with choirs or plays- never being the best at it but enjoying that feeling when you're up there performing! It may have been called "the desire to perform" by enjoying others watching you from the spotlight.


As an MC and event host, I've tried to be an MC in many events but never received formal MC training. There are many different MC courses in the market. Still, when I found a magazine came across an MC course by Amanda - who has rich practical experience as well!- it seemed like such a rare opportunity for me. Therefore I enrolled immediately without hesitation or second thought because, after all: why wait?


I had no idea how the class would be conducted at first, so I went to my first ever MC lesson in a very relaxed mood. But as soon as it started with self-introductions on stage. When I first introduced myself without preparation in front of an audience, one thing that stood out was how much pressure could build up quickly. I was so nervous at first and ended up stuttering. Now I have learnt that to be a successful emcee, you must have the ability to "manage the crisis". The most important thing is dealing with unexpected situations on stage in critical moments/without psychological pressure. In addition, mastering coordination skills and preparing for different occasions will make this process smoother!


During my time in Amanda's MC course, I had a chance to work with other MC classmates and learn from Amanda. All students could participate by either being on stage or observing while they practised what was taught throughout this wonderful program! We also had exams where each person got an opportunity for individual recognition. It's been fantastic watching people get recognized after putting so much effort into their MC and host skills, too. It has been an incredible MC journey with so many rewarding opportunities. I am most happy that my hard work was recognized in the form of a Best Student Performance Award, which is something only given to exceptional students like myself!


Thank you for your time, Amanda. I had a lot of fun doing the MC work, and it is an honour that you trusted me with such important tasks! Without the opportunity you gave me to get ahead in the MC industry -- I wouldn't be here today! The opportunity you gave me has helped shape the man I am today.
I am looking forward to working together on future projects.


Thank you! AMANDA!             

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