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Peggy Young

 (2nd intake MC course student) 

I've been interested in MC for years now, and 10 years ago, I was allowed to be an MC in my company event. So finishing it off has brought me some recognition that's increased my drive of MC!

It was a short term one, and I had no expectations. However, after learning that the instructor won the "Hong Kong MC competition champion ", I wanted to learn more from her, so I joined this MC course!

       The MC course content is very practical, although only a few months long. This MC course will teach you everything from basic pronunciation and gestures to appropriate clothes for each occasion. You’ll also get an opportunity to participate in public events with other students before finishing up the course so that this kind of MC activity can polish your MC skills to the top!

My most memorable part is the MC exam. We were given one minute to answer all of our questions. I thought there would be some hint beforehand, but it turns out you have to make an immediate response without any guidance from your instructor! It made things very stressful and nerve-wracking for everyone in the class, but it was practical.

Lucky for me, after completing the course, I had more than 10 experiences as an MC in wedding banquets and other public events at year's end. It was a chance to turn my hobby into a career. My skills are still not perfect, but it feels good.

As a wedding planner, I hope to develop many aspects of my job.

It's always good to have more training and MC job referrals in the future.  

     Dearest Amanda,  Thank you, you are the best!     

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