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Fung Tse

 (2nd intake MC course student) 

I have been fascinated with voices from the past radio or opera drama and try out different ones for myself, sometimes pretending to be old or strange. It is always hoping that one day my voice will touch others.   

I was invited to be an MC at my friend's wedding, but I didn't know what to do. Even though I usually love talking on stage and being in front of people, I still think that I am not professional as the post of an MC. At that time, it is a rare MC course in the market. Accidentally read a book, "My perfect wedding" by Amanda. Even though it is rare wedding MC coverage, it still provides numerous information after meeting one of Amanda's students by chance and being impressed with her teaching style. She inspired me to make my own MC course. 

The MC course not only lived up to expectations, but it was also a pleasant surprise. For years I've been looking for someone who could teach me practical solutions to handle my stage fright and breathing techniques. Amanda's approach is practical and straightforward, making it easy for anyone.


During the course, we had a chance to practice each time and became MC and Commentators of our MC class. It is an invaluable experience from planning course content on the spot with Amanda's help as she gives us insight into what needs improvement after every MC session so far! She has such vast knowledge that one can often find problems or small gestures that would otherwise go unnoticed due to our lack of observation skills. 


After taking this course, I feel more confident to be a professional emcee and understand cooperation between myself on stage and behind the scenes. I am still using some tips taught in Amanda's class. It will help me move people through my voice in order not only as an MC.


I am looking forward to joining Amanda's MC advance course.  

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