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Writing an emcee

A professional emcee's script can not only ensure the smooth flow of the program, but also make the program colorful. With years of experience as an emcee, Amanda can tailor-make emcee scripts for various types of events for different clients. 

Dubbing work record

 - Space Museum All Sky Movie (The Mummy)  

  - Space Museum All Sky Movie (Dinosaur Regeneration)  

  - Full Sky Movie at Space Museum (Nile Journey)  

  - Introduction video of China Spark Foundation's heart-protecting activities

  - (Rich Dad Poor Dad) Course Introduction VCD

  - Hong Kong-Shenzhen Cross-Border Bus My Channel Program (Olympic Encyclopedia)

  - "Children's Growth Education Expo 2008" Infant Growth Pavilion

  - "Cross Century Robot Expo" simulation beauty robot "Kido Xiao"  

    "Sister" and Japan's Awakening Lion Female Robot    

  - TV commercial for "Cross-Century Robot Expo"

  -  "Understanding Bio-Young Comprehensive Amino Acids" product introduction CD

Arranging cat lines

Over the years, he has worked as a Catwalk stage choreographer for different products, from selecting a model, to assisting customers in selecting the items to be exhibited, arranging the details of the model's performance, music and lighting, so as to help customers promote their brands and products.

1. Director of the "Cool Christmas" Catwalk show at Shun Tak Centre  

    brand:  M16 and Dorian Ho

   Contents: Huiyan Yaji's first Christmas Catwalk Show, the model for the show is

           Miss Hong Kong

2. Proview Monitor new product launch Catwalk Show director  

    Brand: Proview LCD Monitor  ​

3. Director of Catwalk Show, Sportswear, Popular Sports Carnival  

   Brand: Dordora

4. Director of Fossil Watch Catwalk Show hosted by Metro Radio  

   Brand: Fossil

5. Director of Mossinate Jewelry Catwalk Show  Brand: Mossinate

6. Director of Catwalk show, Hong Kong Amateur Performing Arts Association 3rd Anniversary Extravaganza  

    Brand: Yiyuan Baojian

7. Director of Catwalk show, wedding dress design competition

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