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​Children's Lessons

​Children's Lessons

As children grow up, they need to learn from different types of people, including teachers, classmates and friends.  

Accurately expressing ability can enhance their self-confidence. It prepares children to become successful people in the future.

By taking different courses, children can understand the basic structure of the program, improve their personal expression and relieve tension.

Master of Ceremonies training class

Session 1: The Essential Elements of Being a Master of Ceremonies  

Lesson 2: Control tension and how to boost self-confidence  

Session 3: Sound Control  

Lesson 4: Types of programs that children often face and how to deal with them  

Session 5: Preparation Skills for the Master of Ceremonies  

Session 6: Speech Practice and Individual Performance Evaluation 

Campus Program Host Training Course

1. The basic elements of being an emcee and host

2. How to control nervousness and how to increase self-confidence

3. Sound Control Skills

4. Microphone control, voice and articulation control

5. Access to the basic knowledge, procedures and preparation of the program

6. Video tour

7. Explore the types of programs that children often face

8. Determine the direction of the interview topic and the content of the interview

9. Skills and etiquette for dealing with guests

10. General skills and questioning methods on how to open a chat with guests

11. Continuation topic skills, simple recording methods

12. Program time control

13. How to control the atmosphere control

14. Crisis management in the show

15. Access to program simulation exercises and exams

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