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Cantonese is our mother tongue, how much do you know? It is said that in the "Top 10 Most Difficult Languages to Learn in the World" released by UNESCO, Chinese ranks first. Compared with Putonghua, which has only four tones, Cantonese, which has a total of nine tones, can be said to be very difficult. Cantonese mistakes will not only cause communication obstacles, but also seriously affect your professional image. The most paradoxical thing is that it is difficult for ordinary people to find that they have a lazy tone. . . .

Suitable for students

It is suitable for anyone who is engaged in sound performance and any communication-based professionals, including but not limited to sales staff.

Course Features

  • The course focuses more on training than theory, so that students can master it correctly in a short period of time   How to pronounce Cantonese

  • Textbooks for lazy words often encountered at work

  • Provide individual assessments to discover the causes of laziness

  • Audio and video-assisted teaching in class

Course content

  • Learn Cantonese Pronunciation

  • cause of laziness

  • The correct way to "listen", "bite" and "spit" in Cantonese

  • How to make the incoming microphone articulate clearly

  • Common lazy words

  • Oral muscle articulation coordination and use

  • Personal Lazy Tone Assessment

Say goodbye to lazy class 

Date: 16 and 23 August 2017 (Wednesday)

Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm (2 classes total 6 hours)

Class location: 6/F, Phase 3, Enterprise Plaza, 39 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay (opposite to Megabox)

Tuition: HKD 990.00   

       (Early bird discount: 2 / 8 / 2017 tuition fee is HKD 890)

       (Two people traveling together: the tuition fee is HKD 890 per person)  

Quota: 15 (while the quota is full)

Enquiry Tel: 3423 4601 Ms. Winita Yeung

Request for application form:   

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