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​Master of ceremonies after class

In the past, more than 50 Amanda Fok emcee training classes (first class) have been held, and many new emcees have been trained to enjoy the fun of the emcee position.



"During the teaching process, I have seen many students turn from introverted to extroverted, and their values become positive. Frequent activities enrich their experience and broaden their horizons in life. "


Former President of Peninsula Youth Chamber of Commerce

Participating in the work of the Youth Chamber of Commerce and meeting with sponsors and supporting organizations from different backgrounds often need to speak to different people. Learning the skills of the master of ceremonies is also suitable for improving personal expression. Pronunciation, body language and standing posture all make me It is more convenient to express yourself in different occasions, and more importantly, how to observe and review your own performance and then keep improving.


former news anchor

Before becoming a news anchor, he had already stepped into the emcee industry under the guidance and guidance of Amanda. Later, he found that the emcee skills he had learned can be used not only on the stage, but also in front of the camera, during interviews, and even in daily life. Expression of body language, coping methods for emergencies, preparations beforehand, communication and cooperation with different units, etc. I am fortunate to have met Amanda as a good teacher during my school days, who helped me to prepare well before joining social work. Base.

Felix Ferreira

famous makeup artist,

chef, host, entertainer

Being myself as a entertainer in profession as a Celebrity chef or a Makeup artist in a live show or TV performance ,you might not awake how you deliver your speech or posture ,I was not sure on myself as I was already doing performance at that time ,I was thinking nobody is perfect ,everyone in the entertainment industry has a mentor so I immediately called Amanda for the rescue to see on my problems and now I am better as ever !.



In Amanda's different classrooms, you can feel relaxed, interesting and very professional teaching. From experience to master of ceremonies skills, from theory to practicality, Amanda will share with you. I am working on the stage and learn new things in the classroom The opportunity, in addition to the field of emcee, also enriched my stage skills and made me more comfortable and handy when performing. Once again, Thanks Amanda!


PR company business manager

Amanda is an emcee and spiritual mentor

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