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Everyone hopes to have good communication skills in work or life. In company meetings or friends gatherings, this is a small stage, and countless people are hosting these activities every day.

In fact, everyone has the characteristics and needs of being an emcee, but they have not been discovered.

In the performance of the graduates of the emcee skills training in the past few years, it is found that many people can improve their speaking and communication skills through the emcee skills training, but also improve in the following aspects, including:

1. Exercise self-confidence

2. Train expression skills

3. Ability to cope with public pressure

4. Learn about crisis management

5. Develop a positive outlook on life, etc.


In addition to helping enhance personal potential, emcee training also provides professional training for those who are interested in the work of emcee.

Course objectives

By taking this course, you can gain an in-depth understanding of the work of an event emcee and master the important skills to become an event emcee quickly and effectively. After completing this course, students can freely participate in different internship opportunities or volunteer work on stage in the " C2 Emcee Volunteer Group " composed of past students. In addition to enabling trainees to practice master of ceremonies skills and give back to the society, they can also experience the operation of various positions in the event. Understand the work of the master of ceremonies from different angles and improve the adaptability of the scene. If individual students perform well, they may be invited to perform on stage in the future.

Past students include

TV and film artists, beauty contestants, newcomers to the music scene, models, lawyers, doctors, corporate CEOs, PRs, salespeople and chamber presidents, etc. Some trainees can even become part-time or full-time master of ceremonies.

​Outstanding Student Master of Ceremonies

In the past, outstanding trainees have served as emcees for different events, including shopping mall events, anniversary parties, wedding banquets, competitions, comprehensive performances, press conferences, briefings, conferences, lectures, press conferences, opening ceremonies, etc.

Activities include

The 39th Hong Kong International Film Festival Film First Screening Ceremony  Including Nie Yinniang, Treading the Blood to Seek Plum, and the Charger.

The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival film premiere  Including the movie 3D passion, love to find fans and magic police and so on.

The 2nd Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival (winner Mr. Andy Lau)

Movie <Young and Dangerous - The New Order of Jianghu> First Film Event

Worked with brands, shopping malls and NGOs including

Companies Registry, Health Department, Drainage Services Department, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Audi, HSBC, Yahoo, eBay, IBM, Google, Samsung, SINOMAX, Crocs, HKTDC, Haotian Financial Group, Bank of Communications, Royal Castle, APM, Shatin New City Plaza, Tsuen Wan Plaza, Metro City Centre, Tseung Kwan O, WWF, Lok Sin Tong, Heifer, World Cancer Research Fund, Lazy Association, etc.

Artists and celebrities who have worked with them include

Mr. Andy Lau, Ms. Shu Qi, Mr. Zeng Zhiwei, Ms. Lai Zhishan, AKB 48, Mr. Koo Kui, Mr. Lam Fung, Ms. Yeung Yi, Mr. Wong Chung-chak, MC Jin, Xie Anqi, GEM Ana R, Chief Executive Mr. Leung Chun-ying, Tsang Chun-wah JP, Fan Xu Lai Tai GBS, JP, Yip Liu Shuyi GBS, JP, Ko Wing Man BBS, JP, Mr. Huang Jinbao and Ms. Huang Yunyao, etc.

Course content

  • A detailed and comprehensive introduction to the work of the master of ceremonies

  • Control tension and increase self-confidence

  • Exercise the ability to face the crowd

  • Body language and manners of the emcee

  • Voice Control and Cantonese Orthography

  • Positive speaking and presentation skills

  • Features and emcee styles of various programs

  • Preparation of the master of ceremonies

  • Hosting skills for individual and multi-person cooperation

  • The general program program and the cooperation between the front and back of the stage

  • Handling emergencies in activities and "execution" methods

  • Master of Ceremonies Speech Practice

  • Completion mock stage test 

Amanda Fok Practical Emcee of Ceremonies Training Course (The 53rd First Class)

Dates: 4, 11, 18 & 25 /1/2018 (Every Thursday night)  

Time: 7:30pm ~ 10:30pm (4 classes totaling 12 hours + final stage practice)

Class location: Room 1003, 10/F, Chow Sang Sang Building, 229 Nathan Road, Kowloon
(Near Jordan MTR)

Tuition: HKD 3,550.00  

(Early bird discount: 21 / 12 / 2017 tuition fee is HKD 3,280)

(For two persons: the tuition fee is HKD 2,980 per person)  

Quota: 15 (while the quota is full)

Enquiry Tel: 3423 4601 (Ms. Winita Yeung)

Request for application form:   

Note: 80% attendance and completion of the exam will be awarded a certificate of completion

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