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This is how the master of ceremonies

Mr. Lin Shengbin, Dr. Ko Wingman, Mr. Cai Heping and Dr. Zhong Jinghui sincerely recommend!

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Guest recommendation

"I wholeheartedly recommend this book to readers, I believe that this book can give readers who are interested in the industry of emcee, and can gain certain knowledge and skills from this book.       Ingenious, so as to be played and developed in the emcee world. "

                                                                               - Dr. Chung King-fai SBS, Founding Dean, School of Drama, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

"I really support this book "The Master of Ceremonies Is This Way"."                                 - Star emcee, DJ and actor Lin Shengbin (Bob)

"I hope that through this book, everyone will have a deeper understanding of this industry and practical skills. I hope that through Amanda's love and enthusiasm, I can help more children in the mountains.     friend. "                                                                                 - Star multilingual emcee and host Li Haolin (Derek)

"We are all eager to use the role of master of ceremonies to do good deeds in many ways. Don't be envious, if you have read the book "This is how master of ceremonies is trained", you     can also be done      Come, become a member of the caring emcee brigade, we welcome you to join, are you ready? "

                                                                - Veteran media worker, Che Shumei, anchor of "Footprints of the Past" of RTHK

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This is how the master of ceremonies is trained

The master of ceremonies has always been considered a very professional industry. The Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony aroused everyone's concern about the position of master of ceremonies. In fact, more and more people are interested in the emcee industry in recent years. Some participate in training courses and competitions, and some even evolve from part-time to full-time. "Being the champion", the master of ceremonies industry breaks through the norms of traditional employment, allowing ordinary people to achieve moving stories that shine on the stage one by one by eating their mouths.


Wondering how they became a professional emcee? How to improve personal master of ceremonies skills and abilities? Professional master of ceremonies training instructor Huo Cailing (Amanda)'s new book "This is how the master of ceremonies is trained" I believe it will solve the doubts in your heart. This is the first book in Hong Kong that comprehensively analyzes the true side of the professional emcee's work. Emcees of ceremonies can improve personal abilities in all aspects, whether it is in academics and workplaces, volunteer work, personal growth, interpersonal relationships and social networks can be greatly benefited.


Huo Cailing was the champion of the 2005 Hong Kong Emcee of Ceremonies Competition. She is now the co-founder of a professional emcee manager company with ISO 9001 international quality management standards. prize". With 20 years of professional emcee experience, she reveals the true face of emcee work for readers, so that you can master effective emcee skills in a short time.


Content features:

- A comprehensive introduction to the work of the master of ceremonies, including history, job positions, and how to promote professionalism

- Provide 10 practical master of ceremonies skills, with exercises to help readers master in a short time

- Design the emcee's ability assessment test and work list to help anyone easily take up the job of emcee

- Sharing by outstanding students - including full-time emcee and news anchor sharing stories

- Multi-angle analysis of the work of the emcee - sharing by different celebrities (including Dr. Zhong Jinghui in the entertainment industry, Mr. Cai Heping in the TV industry, and the National People's Congress in the political world

    Mr. Luo Shuqing, production company On Stage Billy Chu, representatives of PR industry and Wedding Planner, etc.)


Huo Cailing said: "I believe that life affects life, and my own life is also deeply affected by others. I hope that the fire will be passed on from generation to generation and give back to the society with the emcee skills." Huo Cailing has supported the "China Spark Foundation" to visit the mountains for six consecutive years. For children with congenital heart disease, the book "This Is How the Master of Ceremonies is Trained" will also deduct the cost of all proceeds to raise the cost of surgery for these mountain children.


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